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Chittorgarh exemplifies Rajput community essence, fearlessness, arrogance and romance. It vibrates with valor and expense the stories of which are still sung by the Wordsmiths of Rajasthan. The striking and awe inspirational fort stands on a 240-hectares site, on 180m High Mountain that rises quickly from the plains.

It has one kilometer crisscross climb to it. The road leads done seven entrances to the main gate Ram poll (meaning Gate of Ram). On the climb between the second and the third entrance, you see two ‘Chatris’ (cenotaph) built to honor brave Jaimal and Kalla heroes of 1568 siege by Sovereign Akbar. The main entrance of the fort itself is Suraj poll (meaning Sun Entrance).

The Chittorgarh fort annihilate thrice to the opponents in its complete past. The first attack happened in 1304 when the king of Delhi Alauddin Khilji, overawed by the prettiness of Princess Padmini, overwhelmed the fort with menacing design to imprisonment the princess. In 1535 Bahadur Shah, the King of Gujarat, besieged the fort causing the enormous slaughter. It is said that 32000 men put on the saffron robes of death and rode out to face convinced death. The women folk led by Queen Karnawati committed Johar (collective self-immolation by fire) to save their integrity.

In 1568 Mughal Sovereign Akbar occupied it. In 1616, Mughal Emperor Jahangir reinstated the fort to the Rajput’s. Now, a new town stretches below the mountain on the west side. Conferring to the fable the structure of the fortification was ongoing by Bhim, a Pandhav hero of mythical epic Mahabharata. The fortification has many wonderful memorials. Even though the fort frequently is in skeletons, it stands as a tempting reminder of its historical history of achievement and disaster and its walls resonate with implausible fable of astonishing men and women and their correspondingly astonishing deeds.

Chittorgarh dishonesties in the southern region of Rajasthan on the sets of the rivers Gambahiri and Breach. It is well-known as the previous capital of Rajput’s of Mewar is appropriate to the Sisodia fraternity. The glorious town is the site where the courageous act of Johar was achieved thrice by Rajput females and kids. More ancient implication is allied with the town as it is the origin of Hindu spiritual poetess Meera Bai whose fine configurations are still general among the commonalities. Travellers can explore the antiquity of the town by visiting several Chittorgarh magnetisms, mostly encompassing place of worship, castle and forts. There tourist can find all nice Chittorgarh hotels through our travel portal Login2yatra.com and we provide you batter online and offline deal for hotels in Chittorgarh.

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