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Rising from the temperament of the huge and famed Thar Desert like a golden hallucination is the city of Jaisalmer. An impressive fort etched in yellow sandstone stands, with its complete splendid magnificence, dictating the amber-hued city. The city has an stimulating legend allied with it, rendering to which, Lord Krishna the head of the Yadavs Clan, foretold Arjuna that a remote descendent of the Yadavs Clan would constructed his kingdom atop the Trikuta Hill. His prophecy was fulfilled in 1156 A.D. when Rawal Jaisal Singh, a descending of the Yadavs Clan and a Bhati Rajput, unrestricted his fort at Lodurva and originated a new capital - Jaisalmer, perched on the Trikuta Hill. Bhati Rajput's of Jaisalmer were outdated chiefs who lived off the forced levy on the convoys laden with valuable silks and spices that crossed the territory enrooted Delhi or Sindh. These convoys earned the town great prosperity.

For years Jaisalmer continued uninjured by the outside effects. The rise of shipping trade and the port of Mumbai saw the weakening of Jaisalmer. But the desert fortress, that seems to be conventional out of the "Tales of the Arabian Night" still charms. The Life within the fortress rises up images of feudal magnificence visible in its narrow lanes strewn with wonderful palace, castles, and temples and of course skilled artisans and omnipresent camels. The setting sun turning Jaisalmer into a stunning golden brown is a remarkable sight. The good time to visit the golden city is throughout the Desert Fair, held in Jan/Feb. every year, when the city vibrates to the sound of harmonious tunes and tempos. Folk dances, exciting rivalries and contests particularly the turban-tying contest. Mr. Desert competition and camel races enliven the celebrations. Colorful craft bazaars are set up for the juncture and a sound and light sight is prearranged with folk artist execution against the superb locale of the famous Sam sand dunes on the full moon night. Assuredly a not-to-be missed occasion.

Major Attraction:

The Jaisalmer Fort Sonar Kila

The fort of Jaisalmer, which look like an enormous sand fort, is home to numerous thousand people. Capped over the Trikuta Hill, the golden yellow Jaisalmer kila dates back to more than 800 years. The fort has numerous gates with Suraj Pol, Ganesh Pol, Boot Pol and Hawa Pol. In addition to this, it also has a number of gorgeous castles and a group of Jain temples that make it a exceptional place to discover. Gadisar Lake The huge Gadisar Lake was once the main basis source of water supply to the town. In winters, a variety of birds flocks here and makes the whole atmosphere enchanting. The gorgeous arched gateway across the road down to the lake adds to its magnetism. A number of beautiful temples and lakes situated around the lake add to its primeval attractiveness.

Manak Chowk

Manak Chowk has magnificently retained its ancient charm since time ancient. Numerous lanes with divinely carved havelis lead to the Chowk that remains humming, most of the time, with numerous activities. Discovering the Chowk is an involvement in itself.


One very interesting fact about this havelis is that its two sides were imprinted by two brothers. Although the theme used by one is not parallel to the other, they are in consistency. One has to look very carefully to spot alterations. The outstanding skill of the stone carver is demonstrated in the gentle excellence of the curtained windows.


  • Dry and hot
  • Rainwater assortments from 2.8cms to 6.8cms
  • Temperature assortments from 64 F to 155 F


The royal city of Jaisalmer starts wearing a celebratory look just a few days before the spring full moon discussing to the Hindu calendar. The imposing Jaisalmer Fort offers the perfect backdrop to the festivities that take place across the town. The complete town echoes with the captivating folk music throughout the carnival. The Desert Festival of Jaisalmer offers a good chance to the local craftsmen to display their attractive artwork. Festival observers the trade of tortuously overstated skirts, rugs, shawls, bags and silver jewelry. Desert fiesta comes to an end with a grand finale that comprises various conclusions like 'Best Ornamented Camel', 'Mr. Desert' and several others. During the festival time camps and Jaisalmer hotels are fully occupied.

Facts & Figures

  • Time of the year : February
  • Duration: Three Days

How to Reach

Jaisalmer is well linked to the nearby towns and cities by rail, road and air. To get there by train there is a meter-gauge train that attaches this place with the respite of the minor and big places. If you wish to come by air, there are flights from Mumbai to Jodhpur-Jaisalmer and from Jaisalmer to Jaipur-Delhi. By rail, there is an overnight journey from Jodhpur. Jaisalmer is well linked with significant cities by road.

Places of Interest

There are numerous places that are value paying a visit to: The Royal Monuments at Bada Bagh, Lodurva Jain Temples, and the Sand Dunes at Sam, Khuri desert, Akal Fossil Park and many more.


PEOPLE & CULTURE Rajasthan depicts the factual spirit of regal vitality and bravery that the state has abundant. Every season brings with it a huge scope for mirth and festivity. The bright hues and unusual workmanship is correspondingly evident in everyday wear of people and charming murals that leave onlookers enthralled. Though Rajasthan is the land of violent heat and wide sand dunes, but it also a land of imposing forts and striking colors and festivities. Bravery and hospitality have been the properties that Rajasthan conserved so delightfully since ages. The royal men wrestled for their people and womenfolk favored death to disgrace. Rajasthan Tours signifies an unconquerable elegance and an unending sense of honor that every regal family guards so prudently. The land of courage also has a captivating culture and imposing manner that is evident in striking memorials and forts of Rajasthan. Here valor and desire is renowned in every walk of lifetime.

Desert Festival Rajasthan is a delightful land of royalties where civilizations and ethos govern life. Here people rejoice life as it comes to them. Hospitality lies in the hearts of people. Variability is pervaded in life by celebrating host of centenaries such as Holi, Dusshera, Desert festival, Baba Ramdeo Fair, period fair/ traveler fair, New-year and Diwali. All festivals hold a special charm for the visitors. During every centenary there is lots of amusing and enthusiasm in the air. If we say that the centenaries and colors represent the true essence of Rajasthan, you would surely agree. Every fiesta in Rajasthan is celebrated in a exclusive way. The populaces very elegantly carry forward their ethnic inheritance and exciting means of party. With its rich literary tradition, especially baric poetry that defines daring stories of monarchs and queens, every centenary in Rajasthan becomes more superior, more energetic.

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