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Sideways the eastern part of the Chambal River lays Kota - an astonishing association of the majestic primitive age and modern mechanization temples its unharmed wealth of imposing forts, opulent palaces and impressive temples dating back over numerous centuries retain the past magnificence, the present day organizations and heavy manufacturing have made it the industrial hub of Rajasthan. The antiquity of the city dates back to the 13th era A.D. when the Hadas Ruler, Rao Deva, occupied the terrain and founded Hadoti and Bundi. Later, in the early 17th era AD during the supremacy of the Mughal Ruler Jahangir, the monarch of Bundi Raja Rao Ratan Singh gave the smaller princedom of Kota to his son, Raja Madho Singh. Since then Kota became a symbol of the Rajput culture and chivalry. The impressive fort stands overlooking the contemporary Chambal Valley Scheme with its many dams- Gandhi Sagar, Rana Pratap Kota Barrage, Sagar and Jawahar Sagar. An ancient palace, dating back to the time when Kota was under the regulator of Hadas Chieftaincy- Hadoti area faces the Kota Bombardment. The Durbar Hall is decorative with gorgeous glass work and has ebony and ivory gates. Beautiful miniatures of the Kota school are kept within the Hall. Other remarkable structures of the long-gone era are the Palace Brij Raj Bhawan, Jag Mandir-and island Palace, a superb havelis (castle) with attractive frescoes and the regal cenotaphs. There are many budget hotels and deluxe and some heritage hotels in Kota. If u want to seem real touch of Chambal River and education and industrial tourism in Rajasthan so come at Kota any stay in Kota hotels and make trip unforgettable.


The Fort and City Palace

This huge multifaceted, one of the chief in Rajasthan not only housed the abodes of the ruling maharajas of Kota; their capital, courts, resource and headquarters were all located here.

Rao Madho Singh Museum

Housed in the momentous Kota Fort, the Museum comprises fine wall canvases, a mini painting gallery, regal regalia, arms and imperial gunroom, etc.

Imperial Cenotaphs

These Cenotaphs, complicatedly imprinted in pebble are in the centre of the town.

Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary

Wild boars, panthers, sloth bear, leopards and many other mammal's and animals can be seeing in this wildlife sanctuary.

The National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary

At 60 kms from Kota, it is preeminent identified for mash Crocodiles, the thin-snouted Indian crocodile and the hardly seen caracal.

Sorsan grasslands

Nearby the chief canal of the Chambal River, forty kilometer's from Kota, these grasslands are swarming with creatures during the rainy season months and entice a great diversity of neighborhood and wandering birds including the infrequent Great Indian Bustard Bird.

Kethun Village

This Weaver's Village, where the India famed Kota Doria Saries are interlaced, is just 14kms from Kota city.

Bardoli Temples

Fine construction and statuaries of 8th to 9th century can be seen in this bunch of temples. It is 54 kms from Kota city.

The Ahlniya Rock Shelters

These Ahlniya rock shelters, with tracings of primeval canvases are situated 14 kms away from Kota along the arrays of the beautiful Ahlniya River

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