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If the desert blossoms in countless colors it is in the Shekhawati area of Rajasthan, where each home is decorated with gaily painted murals that illuminate the arid landscape. Traditionally, this was the stranglehold of King Rao Shekha ji, who originated an empire here and gave it his title.

Mandawa, a distant out-of-date territory in the midpoint of the Shekhawati area, was an interchange outpost for the antique convoy routes that stationary here from the Middle East and China. The Rajput monarch of Mandawa, Thakur Nawal Singh, constructed a fort in 1758 to defend this settlement. The town-ship that elevated around the fort soon concerned a great communal of traders, who stable here.

When the convoy traffic concluded in the late 18th century, the dealers formed business domains in other parts of the state, but returned to Mandawa to build splendid castles in their homeland.

Sight Seeing

From the Mandawa you can take an ambulatory tour of the decorated castle of some of the leading commercial families of the nation. Some of the superior known castle of Mandawa is:

  • Chowkani Castle
  • Goenka Castle
  • Saraf Castle
  • Ladia Castle

It is also conceivable to seeing the neighboring towns of Nawal Garh, Mukund Garh, Dunlod, Ramgarh, Fatehpur, Churu, Laxman Garh, Jhunjunu and Baggar. There is the Blackbuck wildlife sanctuary at Talchappar as well as religious excursions to Jeen Mata temple, Salasar Bala ji temple and Lohagal.

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