Hot air Ballooning

Hot air Ballooning

At Rajasthan Hot Air ballooning is a daring adventure. It offers a passive outlook and moreover serene view of Rajasthan from greater place. While in the air thousand feet above the ground level, you can see fortresses, castle, holy place, desert, wildlife parks and mount tops. Flights activate from the holy town of Pushkar, Pink city of Jaipur, and Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. This exciting experience will always continue to etch in your reminiscence. Ballooning is one of the greatest contented ways to see our extensive Rajasthan from an alternate perception. It isn't cold up there. You can barely feel the variation in temperature on the ground level. Because the balloon is flying with the wind, you don't feel the breeze and you can wear casual garments.

Float moderately over fortresses and castles, dispersed mount ranges, old-style villages and vibrant fields in some of India’s most remarkable places. You’ll hover with India’s first fully permitted and licensed Hot Air Balloon Corporation, Sky Waltz, present a very exclusive & astonishing Hot Air Balloon Safari experience in Ranthambore, Pushkar, Jaipur or Neemrana with extremely experienced international aviators. Relish coffee, tea and light snacks whilst you watch the sight of the balloons being exaggerated and ready before your hour long trip, moving back down to the welcoming smiles and greetings of the resident villager.

Guests can portable short distances between towns or significant resorts in these hot air balloons. The finest, of the path, is to coast over fairs such as Pushkar Camel Fair or Beneshwar Fair or Nagaur Cattle Fair in a hot-air-balloon. Jaipur is now a prevalent center for hot air ballooning and guest can also enjoy the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve Wilderness in a hot air balloon. Login2yatra provide you the finest Hot air ballooning safari experience in Rajasthan.

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