Polo in Rajasthan

Polo in Rajasthan

Rajput’s have been keen riding and they take to the horses like a bird to the sky. Their captivating to polo in huge way was simply natural. Their connotation with polo dates back to the Mughal era and small paintings at the Mehrangarh Fort bear testament to this primary outline to the game. However, Polo did not become a passion until the British era when it became natural and delightful harmony detection.

It was in 1889, when the vibrant Prime Minister of Jodhpur, Sir Pratap Singh asked the Bengal Lancers to raise the Jodhpur Lancers; Polo was presented in Jodhpur in its present contemporary form. Three years later Jodhpur raised its Polo Club, which won many honors home and overseas. In 1897, when Sir Pratap journeyed to London for Queen Victoria's Diamond Festival, he took his polo club along, amongst the very first Indian clubs to travel overseas, and, for that matter, foreign clubs to defeat England and create the past. They won many competitions there, at Hurlingham and Ranelagh, and reverted with their repute greater; the finest Indian team during those years. Rajasthan produced many great polo players, which include Sir Pratap Singh, Rao Maharajah Haunt Singh, Thakur Harni Singh and the vibrant raja Sawai Man Singh, second of Jaipur, who took over the arrogance of Jodhpur as an unavoidable gift by being the gracious son in law of Jodhpur. Thus the finest of the players and the best of the polo horses were moved to the regal house of Jaipur. The respite is the past.

Sir Edmund Hillary, the inordinate Everester, whose desire for escapade had proved continuing and never-ending, had found Rajasthan idyllic for undertaking a voyage on a camel convoy. It was a strange way to select to cross the dry Thar Desert. And, following in his paths, one can re-live the escapade.

Happily, one can select from a number of escapade sports options. Relax with golf, go antiquing, or practice archery, go boating - in the River Chambal through the gorges of the Vindhyas flat terrain of Hadoti, or, go up in the air, for a bit of airborne sightseeing over legacy towns by small airliner or in hot air balloons.

The topography in Rajasthan is tailor-made for most escapade sports, what with its Aravali and Vindhyas mounts, the open desert areas, the massive lakes and waterways, the wildlife tiger reserve, and small villages wild by the march of evolution as is known, but no less welcoming for it. And negotiating these together, a countryside where the tracks and tracks weave through an antiquity ironic with castles and forts, lodges and memorials. And an ethos that binds these organized into a captivating trip. Login2yatra offer many escapade tour related to polo sport at best deal. We also deal in hotels in Rajasthan online hotels booking.

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