Braj Festival Bharatpur

braj Mahotsav
Braj Festival
Vikram Samwat : Phalgun-S(11-13)
2014 : 2-4 Feb.
2015 : 2-4 Feb.

Brij fiesta is renowned for two days in Shukal Prakash of Phalgun. It is renowned in the Brij area, situated in the Bharatpur town. The festival originates its name from the area where it is renowned. This festival is also recognized as Brij Mahotsav. Complete Bharatpur is engrossed into the trance during this festival. The festival is celebrated with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. Brij festival is the famous indignity of Lord Sri Krishna. The fiesta is celebrated a small number of days earlier Holi- the fiesta of colors.

Raas Leela enactments are the center of magnetism. The rustics dress themselves in colorful dresses and execute the Raas Leela that give a representation of the everlasting adoration story of Lord Sri Krishna and his dearly loved Radha.

Publics welcome springtime with celebrations and pleasure. The festival imitates the factual old-style beliefs of Rajasthan. Brij Fiesta of Bharatpur is a main and well-known festivals, renowned by the native publics as well as travelers from all over the globe come here to spectator the epic. Travelers take part in this vibrant fiesta and relish and onlooker the carnival.

The Brij Holiday takes place a small number of days before Holi festival, (the festival of colors) in the March month. Held in honor of Lord Sri Krishna, this fiesta is manifest by vitality and enthusiasm. Rustics, in gay, colorful attire, can be seen melodic and execution the Raas Leela dance (dance portraying the memorable love-story of Krishna and Radha).

All of Bharatpur reverberations the rigorous of traditional melodies on this fiesta held on the day before of Holi. The essence of this fiesta drops young and old, men and women, annoying and poor-all. Energetic revelers spare no one during this festival and delight in wallowing color on everybody around. Bharatpur is located on the Delhi - Pune main rail line and also on Nationwide Highway no. 11. The adjacent airport is in Agra (50 kms).

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