Camel Festival Bikaner

Pushkar Fair
Camel Festival
Vikram Samwat : Paush Shukal
2014 :15-16 Jan.
2015 : 4-5 Jan.

An energetic and interesting event, the Camel Festival is prearranged by the Department of Rajasthan Tourism, Culture, Art and ethos, in Bikaner all year. January month is just the correct month for a desert binge, and Bikaner just the correct place to see the ships of the Indian desert. In the camel nation Bikaner, these desert monsters pull weighty cartloads, conveyance particle and even work at the bores. The Camel Festival in Bikaner begins with a lively convoy of decorated camels in contradiction of the red stone surroundings of the Fort, Junagarh, the celebration advances to the open sand spreads of the lands, followed by the finest camel breed competition, the tug-of-war competition, acrobatics, camel dance, etc.

The camels show astonishing footwork, bopping elegantly to the least direction of their coaches. Bejeweled, bridal, necks, bridles, clinking bracelets and long, leggy camel shadow on shadowy sands cast an enthralled spell. Quantities travelers and thousands of natives and notables carousal in this man-and-animal concern pre-arranged especially for the travelers. Each January, the minor village Ladera in Bikaner, Rajasthan comes to be the place of the two-day and one night Camel Festival Bikaner.

Camels charm travelers from all over the globe with their activities, appeal and elegance. Public from all over the globe come to Bikaner to grace with your presence the festival where camel proprietors gather to display their camels. A fiesta when the ships of the Indian desert are appreciated at their finest.

In this great Bikaner camel festival coffee, tea and sweets prepared by camel milk are made obtainable to the guests attending in relishing them. So enjoy the shiny ethnicities of Rajasthan while have a good time the modest camel, ship of Indian desert at the camel festival. The twilights close with a dissimilar mood and tempo altogether: a traditional engagement of renowned sculptors of Rajasthan and the native traditional musicians.

The triumphant skirt twirling dancers, the awe-inspiring spirit dance, and the stunning firecrackers light up the encouraged desert city of Bikaner. Bikaner is linked by rail route and road with all the key metropolises. The adjacent airfield is at Jodhpur (250 kms.).

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