Kajli Teej Festival Bundi

Kajli Teej Bundi Kota
Kajli Teej festival
Vikram Samwat : Bhadra-K(2-3)
2014 : 12-13 Aug.
2015 : 31 Aug.- 1 Sept.

Rajasthan is a fantastic destination for travelers. The diversity of traveler magnetisms ranges from places with overwhelming scenic attractiveness to place with a lot of past consequences. There is also a quantity of spiritual destination in Rajasthan that also appeals a great number of followers. The fairs and fiestas of Rajasthan have also increased a lot of admiration among travelers.

These fairs and carnivals are the correct places to stay in order to have a comprehensive look of the ironic tradition and ritual of Rajasthan. Some of the flares the fiestas also have a spiritual significance. These assistances in adding a lot of diversity to the incredible Rajasthan Tour. The Kajli Teej fiesta is one of the most prevalent holidays in Rajasthan. Though the fiesta is celebrated in numerous parts of Rajasthan, but Kalji Teej fiesta of Bundi is better-looking.

Magnetisms of Kalji Teej carnival in Bundi

The cage Teej fiesta has a number of exclusive features. It is virtually a month long occurrence commencement with the rainy season season of July and finish in August. Bands Cage Teej is dissimilar from other parts of Rajasthan as the other places rejoice it on the third day of the month of Shravann. On the conflicting, Bundi rejoices it on the third day of Bhadra period.

A Kajli Teej fiesta of Bundi also comprises a number of other ethnicities and performs. The huge pageant of goddess Teej is an essential part of the fiesta. This convoy travels through numerous areas of Bundi. It travels through the key marketplaces and eventually stops at Azad Gardens. It is an inordinate experience for travelers to witness this convoy as it includes accomplishment elephants, artists, camels and execution bands. A huge number of publics also take part in the demonstration. Their eagerness for the fiesta is clearly returned from their blissful mood. They deck themselves in vibrant attires.

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