Beneshwar Fair Dungarpur

Beneshwar Festival
Beneshwar Fair
Vikram Samwat : Magh-S, (11-15)
2014 : 10-14 Feb
2015 : 30 Jan-3 Feb.

The title Beneshwar is derivative from the respected Lord Shiva Linga which is retained in the Mahadev place of worship in Dungarpur town. "Beneshwar" means the chief of the delta in the local Vagdi linguistic and this title was given to Lord Shiva Linga. The Beneshwar fair is detained at a minor estuary shaped by the river Mahi and Som, from Magh Shukal Ekadashi to Magh Shukal Purnima during Shivratri. (January and February month).

The great Beneshwar fair, in its existing form is really a merger of two carnivals: one which used to be held with integrity of Beneshwar Mahadev (Lord Shiva) and other carnival which ongoing after the edifice of the Vishnu place of worship by Jankunwari, daughter-in-law of Mavji, and an extremely respected saint measured to be a personification of Lord Vishnu.

The Beneshwar fair is a prevalent ethnic fair held in Dungarpur town in Rajasthan state of India. The fair is detained in the month of February at Beneshwar, a small delta molded by the Soma River and, 50 km far away from Dungarpur.

The holy place of Mahadev remnants opens from 5.00 in the sunrise to 11.00 in the evening throughout this carnival. The daybreak starts with the dip of the Lord Shiva Linga, after which saffron is functional on it and an art is achieved with scorching enrage. In the twilight, ash is functional to the Shiva Linga and an art is achieved again, but this time with a wick standard lamp. The nighttime is boosted up with the Bhils singing outdated traditional songs around a conflagration. Contributions of pulsations, rice, wheat flour, chilies, salt, jaggery, ghee, coconut, cash, etc. are also made at the place of worship, by the fans. The other celebrations of the Beneshwar Fair include enchanted demonstrations, traditional discos, gymnastic feats and cattle shows. The carnival place is at a distance of 123 kms from the Udaipur, 53 kms from the Banswara town, 45 kms from the Dungarpur and 22 kms from Aspur, the Tehsil head office.

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