Elephant Festival Jaipur

Elephant Festival
Elephant Festival
Vikram Samwat : Phalgun-S 15
2014 : 16 Mar.
2015 : 5 Mar.

Elephants have constantly held a significant place in the Indian civilization, Lord Ganesh a, the Hindu divinity with the skull of an elephant is greatly respected and is the lord chief of all ceremonies and contented initial stages. Elephants are part of numerous most significant spiritual ceremonials, demonstrations and even nuptial ceremonies, all chiefly ritualistic roles at the age of the war elephant is currently long over.

As the title suggests elephants is the center of magnetism at the Elephant Fiesta Jaipur. Pachyderms are splashed, decorated and dressed in all jewelry by their affectionate grooms or Mahawat as they are named in India. Elephants are especially ornamented for the elephant fiesta, with lumpy elephant jewelry, big bracelets decorated with bells elegance their bases, their figures are tinted with old-style Indian themes, gold embellished velvet carpets beauty their backbones along with silver and gold-plated Howdahs and gold embellished velvet parasol’s. The big ears of the monsters are decorated with ear hole danglers and luminously tinted brocade headscarves. Even their task is ringed with gold-plated and silvery ornaments and rings. Richly overstated head-plates decorate the Elephants brows. The mahouts are also all outfitted up in their brocade shirts and brightly colored Safa or turbans. At the Jaipur Elephant fiesta there is a flagship for the finest decorated Elephant and its Mahawat.

The Elephant Fiesta Jaipur proposals the impeccable occasion to see these regal and majestic creatures in all their magnificence as they procession before you to the thrashing of the Nagara and the gusting of the Bankiya, followed by ruckuses of decorated up horses an camels, with incised Riders, Horse haggard chariots, porters carrying and cannon carts palanquins surveyed by presentations of the traditional dancers all generating a scene evocative of the bygone and rejoicing the Magnificence of the Elephant and the ironic cultural legacy of Rajasthan.

The Jaipur Elephant fiesta is prearranged by the Rajasthan Tourism Department and is now a part of its annual occasion’s calendar. Previously the Elephant Festival was prearranged at the Chauhan Ground in the walled old city part of Jaipur however, due to the augmented admiration of the occasion and the huge crowds it appears now the place since 2011 has been removed to the Jaipur Polo grounds near the Hotel Rambagh opposite the Sawai Man Singh Ground.

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