Teej Festival Jaipur

Teej Festival Jaipur
Teej Festival
Vikram Samwat : Shravann-S(3-4)
2014 : 30-31 July.
2015 : 17-18 Aug.

Teej Fiesta is also recognized as 'the fiesta of swings'. The fiesta is celebrated with a lot of passion in many parts of India. The fiesta reflects the ironic culture and ritual of India. It mostly marks the reunification of Lord Shiva and Divinity Parvati. The birthday comprises a number of spiritual activities to be achieved.

Festivity of Teej Carnival comprises a number of ceremonies and societies to be accomplished. Females observe the day of performance a Nirjalaa Vrat. They execute these ceremonies to request for a stronger life for their partner. Their request to the Mata Teej for the well-being of their partner. This centenary acts as an average for the females to describe their admiration and devoutness to their partner. Partners in reappearance gift them with numerous items as symbolic of adoration.

A day beforehand this fiesta is renowned as girls or ladies put on Mahanadi on their hands and eat Ghevar and taken in a convoy in the streets convoyed by humming, music, and skipping. Teej is a most significant festival between the Baniya community and Marwari community all over the nation. In this area females are also given bracelets and Bindi. Swings are also put on plants for the entertaining of teenage girls.

Dissimilar the other states and societies amongst the baniya and Marwari’s, the fiesta is meant as a festivity for females particularly teenage girls. Girls of the household wear new garments. A special lunch is organized by the females of the household for the females in the household which is certainly an amusing part. It is the customary females’ day of the communal. It is traditional for mothers-in-law to give the anew married daughter-in-law a piece of jewels on her first Teej after wedding. The fiesta of Teej great devoutness and lifelong affluence for their partner. Both wedded and unmarried females accomplish the many delights and rites of the Teej Fiesta to make it cheerful and stimulating.

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