Desert Festival Jaisalmer

desert Festival
Desert Festival
Vikram Samwat : Paush Shukal
2014 : 30-31 July.
2015 : 17-18 Aug.

The Jaisalmer Desert Festival as it is more prevalently identified is a yearly event organized each year in February month at the good-looking desert town with the Jaisalmer Golden Fort. This four day Desert festival and ethnic fiesta showcases the ironic and vibrant legacy of Rajasthan and its traditional ethos. Throughout the Jaisalmer Desert Festival, the traditional local performers from everywhere Rajasthan buzz and disco expressively to the achievements and the calamities of this land soaked in antiquity, other foremost magnetisms at the desert festival consist of the old-style acrobatics by native itinerant performers & entertainers called Nat’s or Kalabaz.

Entertaining finger-puppet shows Serpent enchanters, and charming traditional music concerts and Songs by the Bhopa’s community, manganese & Langas under the shelter of the flash stars & wintertime desert sky. Other foremost magnetisms at the Jaisalmer Desert Festival are the turban tethering struggle, lengthiest mustachios race and Mr. Jaisalmer Desert contest. You will never dis-remember geniuses like the well-known the Fire dancers.

Attend the competitions to magistrate the man with the lengthiest mustache, overseas visitors & guests' holiday at the desert festival numerous a time is requested to be juries at these rivalries. The mustachio competition' is very prevalent among foreign person, purely because of the wonder factor devoted to this occasion. Foreign guests to the Jaisalmer desert festival can be seen affectation for images with the victors of the lengthiest mustache rivalry as this is truthfully a camera moment value preservative.

No desert fiesta can be comprehensive without camels and at the Jaisalmer Desert Fiesta there are no exemptions. Camels take share in a quantity of events, together with camel race competitions, camel polo, camel adornment, and camel disco. The Jaisalmeri breed of camels is mainly known for their rapidity & quickness.

There is no spiritual or habitual ritual devoted to the Desert Fiesta at Jaisalmer. The Desert fiesta in Jaisalmer was started chiefly to attract overseas travelers and foreign guests who always wanted to travel around as numerous facades of Rajasthan as they could in the minimum conceivable time in genuine desert vicinities and idyllic weather.

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