Kite Festival Jodhpur

Kite Festival Jodhpur
Kite Festival
Vikram Samwat : Posha Shukal
2014 : 14 Jan.
2015 : 14 Jan.

The fairs and carnivals detained in Rajasthan have accomplished tremendous popularity among tourists in the last few years. These fairs and feasts were always renowned with a lot of eagerness. However, in the latest past, travelers have also recognized that visiting these festivities will help them get adjacent to the ironic ethos of the place. As a result, maximum of the trips to Rajasthan feature a call to these fiestas. Moreover, Rajasthan features a number of fiestas provided that lot of choices for the travelers. The Desert Kite Fiesta is one of these fiestas that entice a huge number of travelers from dissimilar parts of the globe. The fiesta has a unique charm, packed with a lot of enthusiasm and amusing. This fiesta is essentially all about a vigorous contest amongst dissimilar kite flyers.

The Desert Kite Fiesta in Jodhpur

The Desert Kite Fiesta is detained in Polo Sports Ground Jodhpur. The site suits the requisite of the holiday as it experiences an enormous number of contributions. It is one of the jumbo occasions of Rajasthan. Alongside the huge number of contributors, there are a number of audiences who gather at this site to eyewitness the jumbo occasion. The occurrence proposals a great experience to the audiences. As a huge number of kites fly in the blue sky, it boasts a vibrant appearance. It will be an exclusive experience for first time guests as you don’t often acquire to appreciate so many kites flying up in the blue sky.

The admiration of the Desert Kite Fiesta is not pointed to Jodhpur. Currently, the carnival is celebrated with same quantity of eagerness in Jaipur and Gujarat state as well. This fiesta is usually renowned in the January month. The timid date of the festivity is 14th era on the day before of Makar Sankarati. This day also has an allowance of spiritual consequence conferring to the Hindu spiritual philosophies. The fiesta also hosts a quantity of traditional programs of singing and dancing. This adds to the magnetism of the Desert Kite Fiesta.

There is a quantity of trips obtainable to Rajasthan. A lot of them comprise a visit to the Desert Kite Fiesta. Reserve one of those trips that suit your financial plan and go for a methodically pleasant experience. It is one of those trips that are not only entrenched with fun and enthusiasm, but a lot of inspirational worth as well.

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