Kumbhal Garh Festival (Classical Dance Festival)

kumbhalgarh festival
Kumbhal Garh Festival
Vikram Samwat : Magha Shukal
2014 : 28-30 Jan.
2015 : 28-30 Jan.

Kumbhal Garh is a Mewar fort in the District of Rajsamand in Rajasthan state in western India. It is a World Legacy Site comprised in Hill Fortresses of Rajasthan. Constructed throughout the sequence of the 15th era by Monarch Rana Kumbha and distended through the 19th era, Kumbhal Garh is also the hometown of Monarch Maharana Pratap, the inordinate sovereign and soldier of Mewar. Engaged until the late 19th era, the fortress is now open to the visitor and is enormously lit for a few minutes each twilight. Kumbhal Garh is located 82 km northwest of Udaipur by highway. It is the utmost significant fort in Udaipur after Chittorgarh.

King Maharana Kumbha was donor of all that was finest in Indian fine arts, architecture and design and culture. The three-day extended Kumbhalgarh carnival held at Fort Kumbhalgarh from January month in Udaipur by paying reverence to the previous monarch Maharana Kumbha, who had affection for music and the arts. The day started with vibrant performances by local folk performers of Kumbhal Garh.

Chakri Dance from Bara, Lal Aangry Gair Dance from Barmer, Kachhi Ghodi Dance, and Kalbelia Dance were main magnetisms for the travelers who also vibrated a leg with the traditional performers. Another exciting feature was the turban tying contest in which both the overseas and domestic travelers contributed. Many travelers also got colorant realistic on their arrows. With the sun down the fort came alive with the sound and light show and vivid ethnic dance presentations.

Rajasthan tourism department is a determination to endorse Kumbhalgarh as a destination through arts and culture started the Kumbhalgarh Traditional Dance Fiesta. In line with the Monarch Maharana Kumbha dedication to endorsing the arts, the fiesta brings organized many of India’s premium performance performers with Traditional Dance Concerts set against the background of the healthy-looking fortress.

The finest fiesta is distributed into daytime and a twilight segment. Daytime highlights comprise traditional performances by the traditional performers of Rajasthan and also numerous good looking contests for the travelers. The tone of carnival during the twilight is more thoughtful, but the sparkling, dazzling detonation of sound, bright; color and dance, make a sight unseen at Kumbhal Garh since the prime of Monarch Maharana Kumbha, a devotee of the arts.

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