Mahavir ji Fair

MahaveerJi Fair
Mahavir ji Fair
Vikram Samwat : Chaitra-S(9-15)
2014 : 8-15 Apr.
2015 : 28 Mar.-4 Apr.

The Shri Mahavir ji Fair is detained from Chaitra Shukal Ekadashi to Baishakh Krishna Drwitiya (March-April month) to honor the reminiscence of Shri Mahavir Swami Saint, the 24th Tirthankara (saint) of the Jains religious, in Chandangoan. The Mahavir ji place of worship is situated in an enclosure recognized as 'katala' and houses the appearance of Mahavir Ji Swami whispered to have been excavated out by a leather worker from Devta-Ka-Tila, a neighboring hummock. There is a Man Stambha (tower of magnificence) made of marble stone in front of the place of worship.

The place of worship is preserved by the foremost priest named Bhattarak and assisted by Brahma Chari (his followers). The image of Mahavir ji is washed monitored by puja and ashta-argha (eight oblations). In the twilight arti is accomplished. Standard lamp is lit by ‘ghee’ (simplified butter) and the contributions contain of rice, white and saffron, yellow flowers, camphor, sandalwood, dry fruits and mishri (crystallized sugar).

The main magnetism is the Ruth Yatra. The festival of Mahavir ji influences its topmost on Baishakh Krishna Drwitiya when the picture of the divinity is taken to the bank of the Gambahiri River in a grand procession for Kalash Abhishek. The superb chariot (Ruth) is drawn by cows. Four people weave canvas (wing whisks) over the appearance and the site resounds with "bajhan" and spiritual songs with sporadic slogans of 'Shri Mahavir ji Saint Ki Jai’.

After the ritual, the procession revenues with the same splendor and the image are restored to the place of worship. The pilgrims meet at the holy place to worship, contemplate and seek the consecrations of the saint with crossed hands. During the twilight contribution the temple is illumined with lights. Enduring shops exist at the place, selling food particles, fabric and general commodities. Temporary shops spiral up at the fair and supply to the requirements of the tourists. Lots of Rajasthan handiworks are at an exhibition throughout this fair.

Chandangaon, the place of the fair held, is 7 Kms away from ‘Shri Mahavir ji’ Rail Terminal of the Western Railway on the Mumbai - Delhi broad gauge line. It is 20 kms from Hindon city, 30 kms from Karauli town and 176 kms from Jaipur. Buses are consistent between Jaipur, Hindon city and Shri Mahavir ji. Buses and tangas (horse haggard cart) are the means of conveyance for the travelers to the place of worship.

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