Marwar Festival Jodhpur

Mewar Festival
Marwar Festival
Vikram Samwat : Asvinan-S(14-15)
2014 : 7-8 Oct.
2015 : 26-27 Oct.

Jodhpur city hosts a numeral of fiestas. These fiestas are an essential part of the ritual and values of Jodhpur. The Marwar Festival, usually renowned in the month of October is also a great occasion to get an adjacent view of the ironic art, music, and literature of the Jodhpur. The Festival is ordered in the reminiscence of the idols of Rajasthan. The Festival is planned at the Heritage Hotel Umaid Bhawan in Mandore. The Marwar Fiesta of Rajasthan is detained every year in reminiscence of the sacrifices of homeland in Jodhpur. The fiesta is detained in the month of Ashwin, which falls amid the September to October, month it is renowned for two days throughout the complete moon event of Sharad Purnima.

The fiesta is prevalently identified as the Maand Carnival; this fiesta is renowned with traditional music concentrated on the idealistic existence of Rajasthan’s monarchs. These fiestas are enthusiastic to the melody and dance of the Marwar area and proposals a good chance to look out the traditional dancer's performance with carrying pots on their heads and singing group who collect here and deliver hours of sparkling entertaining. These traditional artistes provide a sight of the days of yore, of fights and the brave heroes who still conscious on in their jingles.

Other magnetisms at the fiesta are the camel display show and polo sports. Tourists can also see the Hotel Umaid Bhawan, Mandore and Fort Mehrangarh, which are signs of supremacy and strong point, provide the idyllic place for the traditional show which is an essential part of the fiesta.

Festivity of Marwar Festival

Visiting the festival is constantly an inordinate experience for the travelers. The festival features a quantity of events like traditional melody and traditional dances. These traditional presentations are mostly organized to pay compliment to the ideal lifestyle of the ester year's Rajasthan monarchs. Witnessing these traditional presentations provide a vision into the days of the regal Rajasthan monarchs.

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