Summer Festival Mount Abu

Summer Festival
Vikram Samwat : Baishakh(13-Budh Purnima)
2014 : 12-14 May.
2015 : 2-4 May.

The summer festival is detained each year during the month of May on Buddha Purnima. The fiesta rejoices the temperateness and joyfulness of the publics of the mountain station, who welcome the traveler from the complexity of their souls. The welcome of the publics, their vibrant culture and striking place made this fiesta a never to be unable to remember the experience.

The festival initiates with a ceremonial convoy, which starts from the Rajasthan tourism Hotels Shikhar and crease at the Nakki Lake Chowk followed by traditional presentations of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The grand closing moments of the Festival an exhibition of astounding firecrackers all four days. This four day vibrant festival is prearranged by the Rajasthan Tourism, Corporation Board, and Mount Abu & District Management.

The third and fourth day of the fiesta is more stimulating because of numerous rivalries that take place the complete day. Roller-skating Race, CRPF Band Display, skater’s Display, Boat Competition, Panihari Matka Competition, Tug of War, Horse race competition and Deep Dan add to the enthusiasm of the festivity.

The Sham-e-Quawwalis is a recognized melodic musical, as well-known Quawwalis or singers from all over the nation can be heard amusing the viewers. The outstanding culmination of the summer fiesta in Mount Abu is a show of stunning firecrackers which hooks the elaborate of every traveler.

Reaching Mount Abu Summer fiesta is very relaxed. Udaipur city which is about 180 kms is the adjacent airfield. Abu Road about 29 kms is the adjacent railway terminal. Cabs and buses are obtained from both the airfield and the railway terminal. There is also a decent network of bus facilities connecting Mount Abu to momentous places like Jodhpur, Ahmedabad, Udaipur, and Jaipur etc. Refresh yourself in the tranquil vicinities of Nakki Lake and enjoy the summer carnival a beautiful harmony of colorant and rhythm in attractive environments.

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