Nagaur Fair (Ramdeo ji Cattle Fair)

Nagaur Fair
Ramdeo ji Cattle Fair
Vikram Samwat : Magh-S, (7-10)
2014 : 6-9 Feb.
2015 : 26-29 Jan.

These three days Nagaur cattle fair held each year throughout the January or February, the month is prevalently recognized as the Nagaur cattle fair and is the second biggest in Rajasthan. Nagaur city is the utmost striking of Rajput communities. The city has come to be a sea of cattle’s, interchange over 100,000 camels, bullocks, goat, and horses each year. The bullocks are recognized for their speediness. Not only are the cattle’s extravagantly ornamented, even their proprietors exhibit their imaginative turbans and extended mustachios.

Nagaur Fair is fundamentally a major cattle fair. It is a three day festival and during the festival local people interchange the cattle and sell and buy the cattle’s at the big numbers of amounts. It is the second largest animal fair in India. Traders from all over, part in India come to purchase and trade cows, oxen, bullocks, camels, goat and horses. Guests can also contribute in some escaping local game like camel race, competition, tug of war, bullock races competition and cock battles. Rajasthani traditional dances and harmony are the other events of this fair which offers entertaining for the travelers. The Rajasthan tourism puts up a Traveler Village to offer lodging for the tourists stay at Nagaur during the famed cattle fair.

As the sunset time, a blissful environment is shaped by the local traditional composition and dance, whose singings resonance far and wide diagonally the calm desert sand dunes. From shaving sheep to good-looking Marwari horses to spices all amassed in one fair. Magnetisms include the ‘mirchi’ bazaar (biggest red chilly marketplace of India), woody substances, iron craftsmanship and camel skin leather equipment.

A game like camel races, tug-of-war, bullock races and storytellers; jugglers; cockfights; puppeteers; are the major games that are played by local people and foreigner tourist. Exciting bonfire twilights are held to distract the travelers. Traditional music of the Jodhpur difference echoes the calm desert sand. Nagaur is well connected to the major metropolises by road and train. Adjacent airport is Jodhpur, some 140 kms far away.

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