Gagron Fort

Gagron Fort

14Kmsf Far away from Jhalawar. The substance of this magnificent, unassailable well-known fort was placed in the 7th era and the fort was accomplished in the 14th era. Outside of the fort is the Dargah of great Sufi Saint Mitthashah, where an impartial is held each year during the month of Moharam. Neighboring is the hermitage of Saint Pipe Ji, who figures amid the chief eight disciples of Guru Ramanaand and was contemporary of great Saint Kabir.

Gagron Fort is on the edge of a low ridge at the convergence of the rivers Ahu and Kali Sindh whose water surrounds it on three sides. On the fourth side there used to be a bottomless moat implementation its fortifications. Gagarin is in the midst of the intermittent forts which are both a fun and a gala duarg - i.e. both water endangered and water-protected. It is enclosed by forests and has behind it the Mukundra range of mountains.

Gagron is an abode which has been sanctified by the superb heroism of its Khinhi monarchs and uppermost sacrifice of their female’s folk. Immortals Maharajah Achaldas Khinhi held this fort intrepidly compared to the Mandu monarch Hoshang Shah of Malwa ruler. When defeat appeared, looming because of the spiritual deceit by the adversary, Rajput’s clad in saffron negligee weapons in hand, rushed out of the open threw entrances of the fortress and reached slaughter. Their women achieved Johar.

Gagron was once a swarming urban in feudal India. It ranked highest in this part of Malwa ruler when Kota /Bundi / Jhalawar were yet to seem as states on the generous map of the nation.

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