Camel Safari in Bikaner

Bikaner Camel Safari

The trip of Rajasthan is imperfect without relishing a ride on the camel in Bikaner desert which is well-known by the name of "ship of the desert". Primarily the drive on the Camel seems to be a notoriously bumpy affair, but after some time people become accustomed to that high perch and rhythmic sway. To enjoy a camel safari amidst the huge expanse of the desert, Bikaner is a good place to enjoy. You can also enjoy your trip on a camel ride by combining this trip with a sojourn at a desert camp.

Here you can enjoy your stay in tastefully furnished tents and dine al fresco under the starry canopy. You must avoid going on a trip on a camel ride between the months of September and March in order to avoid the blister of the desert summers.

In the desert, Camel safaris are a good source of income. While riding the camel you can enjoy a good view beyond the fences and walls due to the height of the camel. While riding and wandering about the narrow lanes you come to know the people's domestic routines and their everyday lives in the most delightfully intimate ways. People enjoy riding on the camel and especially wondering about the narrow lanes.

Whereas riding, camel safari, you can also visit and relish the native rural villages with ornamented huts, spending nights under the sparkling stars, visiting wonderful palaces, deserted forts and antique temples. For travelers all these drives and visit to dissimilar places seems to be a stunning dream.

Camel Safaris are custom-made so that it may suit the needs of every traveler. There are different types of safaris for different types of people. For a few hours, there are short safaris. Some safaris are arranged for a weekend and longer ones are arranged for 4 to 15 days. Accordingly the price of the safaris also differs. The price of these safaris varies from $25 to $30 per day.

The havelis (palaces) of Bikaner are also an attractive place. The complicated and delicate ornamental work in the havelis of Bikaner glow like gold. The architecture in the different fields like in the fort, in the havelis, the houses themselves are unique and beautifully done. On the whole trip of Rajasthan, the entire camel safari is the most treasured souvenir. Each and every tourist who had enjoyed the camel safari in Bikaner carries along with them in their memories.

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