Camel Safari in Shekhawati

Shekhawati Camel Safari

The royal heritage of the country is still preserved in the small towns such as Mandawa lying in the Shekhawati region. Situated in the imperial state of Rajasthan, the hidden and unadulterated beauty of the historical locales can be found in Mandawa. The town has emerged as a treat for tourists owing to its glorious past evident in frescoes of empty forts and majestic havelis. A well settled town of the 18th century, there are many tales about the battles, forts and architectural masterpieces of the era bygone. The ruined fortress, painted mansions and frescoed houses still stand with an authority that oozes of pride and power.

This feudal settlement not only comprises of royal castles but innumerable havelis that have been turned into heritage hotels. Hotels in Mandawa usually include the havelis or the part of forts that give luxurious experience to people visiting the town. The place is a fascinating adventure in itself and the lost villages attract one to the long settled life. The unique characteristics of the place have given recognition to the lost land of Mandawa. While visiting this town, one can find easy accommodation options in any of the havelis turned hotels. Hotels in Mandawa portray Rajasthani-Italianate structure with large open garden and pillared courtyards. Colorful frescoes of angels, airplanes, and gods are the main attraction of these hotels.

The quaintest Shekhawati hotels are popular among corporate travelers to host a meeting for a day or two. The town offers easy connectivity through the Jhunjunu railways that make it easier to visit Mandawa. The scenic and picturesque drive through the streets takes travelers on the discovery of one of the quaintest places. On arrival at one of the Hotels in Mandawa, travelers can savor the true delight of Mandawa Haveli at the finest in-house restaurants serving royal cuisine in a royal ambiance. Rajasthan has many opulent forts and palaces built by Rajput’s which reflect the royal history of the state. The state has been ruled by the royal Rajputana clan. Desserts are most integral part of the state. These Desserts have witnessed many of the battles fought on this royal. The first thing that comes to one’s mind while on a Rajasthan tour is a Desert Safari. To explore the hidden sights of the state and to have a better understanding of the rural life and culture of Rajasthan, one must go for the camel safari without any second thoughts. Apart from experiencing the true and colorful rural life of this grand state you will be delighted with the local Rajasthan cuisines which will leave a lasting effect on your senses.

It is suggested that one should have at least 10-11 days to explore the Desert Tour Rajasthan because cities Jodhpur-Jaisalmer-Bikaner-Mandawa and Jaipur cannot be explored in less than that. The tourist guides take you to such villages where you will be amazed by the ancient structures, cultural dances, traditional food and attire etc.

A desert safari of the state will certainly give an exhilarating experience that will stay with you for your lifetime. Visit through Thar Desert and explore the isolated villages and historical ruins. On your desert safari you will have an opportunity to experience the culture, history and lifestyle firsthand through the folklores, customs, and traditions of the various villages dwelling the Thar Desert. Basically there are two major ways to explore the Thar Desert and one is camel safari and another is jeep safari. Rajasthan camel safari is the most sought after tourist activity amongst both the national and international tourists.

The best time is during the cooler dry months, from September to March. After March, the desert becomes unbearably hot, and then the monsoon season starts. Camel safaris regularly start out primary in the sunrise to permit some distance to be roofed, and a appropriate camping spot to be found and set up, before dusk.

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