Horse safari in Jodhpur (Marwar)

Horse safari in Jodhpur

India is a haven for thousands of animal and bird species. The tourists while enjoy watching the activities of these animals and birds, they also take pleasure in riding over horses, camels, yaks and elephants. India is known for the joyful animal rides that make many lovers of animal riding head towards India to spend their vacations.

How would it make you feel when you sit on a horseback, moving from one fort to another taking the historical routes? Certainly like a heroic soldier of the yesteryears. Horse riding, the age-old way of travelling for the Maharajas and nobles of the ancient Indian states, is being practiced in India from centuries. It is now practiced for the visitors and horse-lovers who visit India from all around the world. Get into the whole new, vibrant and surprising world of Rajasthan, which make you encounter the colors of this state in this time-honored, unique way.

There are various types and breeds of horses that differentiate them with one another. The breed of royal Marwari warhorses is associated with the history of Rajasthan and the Rajput’s. There is one famous saying one cannot separate a Rajput from his horse. The horses are highly respected in Rajasthan as they used to play major roles in the ancient warfare and combats. It serves as a symbol of strength and wealth. The well-bred Marwari horses that used to be the carriers for kings, still display a remarkable pride and dignity of the olden times. They have distinguished inward curved lyre-shaped ears that make them look unique and recognizable.

Taking a horse ride in a Jodhpur vacation, the travelers can enjoy an extraordinary journey becoming an integral part of the magnificent landscapes, which complement with the surroundings. In this journey, they get to see the historical monuments and scenery on horseback, which might be missed on a conventional safari. Riding the expertly schooled horses, accompanied with professional guides, one can enjoy the safari of a lifetime.

The culture of Rajasthan has always been quite colorful and these exceptional horses take you through the passage of its heritage. There are several experienced tour operators and special horse riding operators who are mainly and highly concerned with the safety of the horse and the rider. For the best quality and unique equestrian experience, take an India golden triangle tour, which will provide you with the best of your holiday in India and particularly the Rajasthan vacations.

You fall in love with these heroic horses filled with royal pride and dignity once you take a ride over them. You will come as a guest but leave as a friend as the personally managed rides and safari cater all your special wishes. You can go for a Marwar region vacation package that is tailored in way to include the best of horseback rides, along with the cozy candlelight dinners, trip to various historical forts and palaces, and much more that you wish for. You can also get your children to enjoy the wonderful horse rides as the professional guides will be there to ensure the safety of your children while they go for horse riding.

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