Sujjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Sujjangarh wildlife Sanctuary is positioned 5 km in the West side of the lake, city, Udaipur, which surroundings the Sujjangarh Sanctuary is overlooking Udaipur Town. From the Sujjangarh Palace, one can have a splendid vision of Udaipur lakes and Aravali mountain arrays. The view of Sunup and Sundown appeals each guest on the top of Bansdara mount.

In the Sujjangarh wildlife sanctuary, a game drive, park was twisted and wild creatures like Sambar Deer, Wild Boar, Chital, and Nilgai were reinstated. Animals like Hyena, Panther, Jackal and Hare has resurfaced apart from diversity of birds and reptiles. The wall prolonged additional and now the whole hummock has been enclosed, refining the botanic cover of the sanctuary zone.

Near By Places

Tiger Lake

In the Mounts, at a little distance on the North-West side of Sujjangarh, there is a synthetic lake called Jian Sagar, prevalently known as “Lake Bari " or " Lake Tiger ". The lake was built by Maharana Raj Singh ji, the ex-monarch of Mewar, in 1665 AD and was entitled after Jana Devi, the mother of the Mewar Maharana. The lake has a region of 1.25 sq. miles with a storage capability of 500 million cubic bottoms of water.

Sujjangarh wildlife sanctuary Safari Park:

Herbivores like Sambar, Wild Boar Chital, Nilgai, etc. have been reinstated in the Safari Park to view the wild creatures from dose residences. A linkage of jungle roads has been provided to reach dissimilar parts of the Sujjangarh wildlife sanctuary Safari Park.

Mahua Grove and Jhar Water Hole:

Located on west part aspect of Bansdara Mountains is a recurrent basis of water "Jhar Water Hole", enclosed by amount of ancient Mahua foliage. Place of worship of Lord 'Shiva' is in the adjacent vicinity of this holy grove. One can experience the consequence of climate created by the adjacent jungle area sitting in this sanctuary. Throughout the raining season, the springs graceful through the part add the attractiveness several times more.

Maharana Pratap Environment Trail:

From Gorilla viewing platform one can path to Lake Bari through this nature track and can study the good-looking geographical features of Aravali Mountains along with ironic fauna and flora present in that region.

Finest time for visit : October to March Month

How to reach Sujjangarh wildlife sanctuary

AIR: Adjacent Airfield Dabok, Udaipur
RAIL: Adjacent Railway Station is Udaipur
ROAD: Suitable mode of travel from Jaipur by luxury buses.

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