Sariska Tiger Reserve

Sariska Tiger Reserve

Sariska Tiger Reserve is perhaps one of the utmost visited reserves in India. It is very close to the New Delhi Capitol of India. Inappropriately though, the chief reason for this is not flora and fauna zeal, but only its outstanding nearness to some great tunes like Jaipur and Delhi. The reserve was, as with numerous other reserves, the hare coursing reserve of the regal family in the region. In this case, it was the regal household of Alwar, Rajasthan. The reserve was affirmed a wildlife preserve in 1958 and came under the "Scheme Tiger" as a Sariska tiger reserve in 1979. The reserve disguises fairly a large area of 800 sq. km, 480 sq. km, of which form the core area of the tiger reserve. It is situated among the Aravali mountain series in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. Due to the occurrence of memorials of spiritual significance located within the reserve borders, the reserve authorities are compelled to keep the reserve open through the year. The summertime months are good for animal watching, but are tremendously warm with temperatures going up to as high as 48 degrees centigrade. In the wintertime months, the temperature touches a low of 6 degrees.

Although bigger than Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, it is fewer commercialized and has less royal Bengal tigers but a like landscape. It covers an area of over 800 sq. km in total, with a main region of approximately 450 sq. km. The Northern part Aravali Mountains control the horizon with their combination of shrill cliffs and extended narrow hills. The scenery of Sariska consists of hills and narrow valleys of the Aravali mountain range. The topography of Sariska Tiger Reserve provisions scrub-thorn dry jungles, arid deciduous forests, rocks and grasses. The comprehensive range of flora and fauna here is a pleasing example of environmental adoption and acceptance, for the weather here is mutable as well as unpredictable.

Sariska Tiger Reserve is homegrown to many carnivores containing Wild Dog, Leopard, Hyena, Jackal, Jungle Cat, and Tiger. These feed on a plenty of prey species such as Sambar Wild Boar Dear, Chausingha, Chitel, Nilgai, and Languor. Sariska is also renowned for its large populace of Rhesus Monkeys, which are found in huge numbers around Taalvriksh.

The avian globe is also well signified with an amusing and diverse birdlife. These comprise Golden backed Gray Partridge, Eagle, Crested Serpent Peafowl, Sand Grouse, Tree Pie, Bush Quail, Wood Pecker and the Great Indian Horned Owl.

How to reach Sariska Tiger Reserve

Sariska is well linked with the nearby towns and it is not problematic to access. Yet, it is suitable to take your own car or hire a vehicle for the whole trip. The reserve is, very simply nearby from New Delhi too. It is a 3 hour journey via the Dharuhera - Alwar - Sariska route which is less than 200 km. It is also conceivable to go via the main Jaipur route, by which the distance gets lengthy to around 240 km.

The adjacent main city to Sariska is Alwar (30 km)
The adjacent Train Terminal to the reserve is also situated in Alwar.
The adjacent Airfield to the reserve is situated in Jaipur (110km)

Greatest time to explore Sariska Tiger Reserve

Guests can visit Sariska Tiger Reserve through the year; still the finest period is throughout the October to June Month.

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